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Spice MI300 Android 2.1 update now available

Update Tool

Spice has released the much awaited Android 2.1 update for MI300 Android smartphone. You can download the tool available specifically for Android 2.1 update from Spice website [Download Link].

If you are not sure how to update the device, it is better to go to a Spice service center and get the update. To find a nearest service center check here.

Thanks Subhranath for the tip

8 thoughts on “Spice MI300 Android 2.1 update now available

  1. Have already installed the 2.1 Eclair update 5 hrs back.

    The entire update process took 5-10 mins hardly, once you obtain the official update file.
    The letdown was the fact that you need a Windows system to apply the update. There was no support for updating from Linux or Mac. 🙁
    For details on how to apply the update, you may get this pdf file.

    The update process removes all your phone data (the data present on the phone memory, not the sd-card). So, make sure to back up any relevant data you may need, prior to proceeding for the update.

    My Contacts were already synced with my Gmail account, so I just proceeded to go for the update directly.

    Now, it’s bye bye Donut and welcome Eclair. Things looking good until now. 🙂

    I wonder whether we’ll get any future Android updates or not!!

  2. I had successfully updated my phone but after the update the 600Mhz processor is now locked at a maximum clock speed of 480Mhz.Plz help me out with this coz now the perormance is really laging….can i roll back to 1.6

  3. Yes, I also saw this last night only (using Android System Info). Any idea why this happened??? Or how to fix this?

    Btw, after updating to Eclair, the system felt a little sluggish at times, and only then I realized the CPU info from the above app.

  4. Can somebody post changelog after upgrade specially changes in UI ? Is it worth upgrading at cost of CPU being locked to lower speed?

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