Android Televisions

Sony planning to sell Google TVs in China & Japan

May bring 3D Internet TVs

Well, after US, it seems Japan and China will be the two countries to see the launch of Sony’s Google TV enable smart televisions.

“We’ve yet to set a timetable, but we’d like to take the TV to a variety of markets as soon as possible,” Senior Vice President Yoshihisa Ishida said. In addition to Japan, Europe and the U.S., sales channels could be widened to include China and other emerging markets, he added.

Ishida also hinted that Sony is exploring possibilities to include Android OS in other consumer electronics.  “We’re still mulling what type of products and services we can come up with by using Google’s Android operating system,” he said.

Sony, which also sells 3D television, can also enable them to support Google TV, making them all new 3D Internet TVs.


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