SAFECELLapp for Android pays you to be a good driver

Adding to the growing list of driver friendly applications on Android, SAFECELLapp launched its Android application today. Driven by the incentive model, SAFECELLapp offers cash-equivalent rewards for safe driving behavior.

The app has been designed to automatically disable phone, email, and messaging functions, push local cell phone laws, alert drivers entering school zones. SAFECELLapp costs $11.99 per year, while as per the latest offer, users who purchase SAFECELLapp by December 28, 2010 will only pay a one-time fee and will be granted a lifetime license with free upgrades.

SAFECELLapp records trip details including the driver’s phone, email and text usage. These reports, which can be accessed by users, parents, or companies to monitor driving behavior, become the basis for a first-of-its-kind gaming feature that awards points for safe driving that are redeemable for cash rewards at major retailers. Users will accrue 1 point for every 1 mile driven while adhering to all applicable wireless laws in their location(s).

SAFECELLapp Unique Features

  • Pushes laws based on GPS location
  • Alerts Drivers Entering School Zones
  • Reporting Capabilities
  • Gaming/Rewards Functionality
  • Cash Equivalent Reward Redemption
  • Continuous Visual Advisory (CVA)™
  • Web-based trip tracking (Trip Tracker)™
  • National Regulation Repository

Core Features

  • Speed engagement (Android)
  • Responds in-transit message (Android)
  • Blocks texting (Android)
  • Blocks calls (Android)
  • GPS Enabled
  • Software Enabled
  • 911 override
  • Voice prompts for cell laws
  • Passenger disable function

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