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Rogers to start selling Samsung Captivate from Oct 25

Rogers has officially announced the date for Samsung Captivate‘s arrival for consumers in Canada.  Rogers will start selling this Galaxy S smartphone from October 25.

Customers can pre-order Samsung Captivate exclusively at until October 24 for a promotional price of $149.99 for new customers with select three-year term voice and data plans.

From October 25th, Samsung Captivate will be available for new customers at $179.99 with three-year term voice and data plan. Existing Rogers customers, who fulfill hardware upgrade eligibility requirements can purchase the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate for the promotional price of $149.99 with select three-year term voice and data plans until November 2, 2010.

Rogers has cited the shortage in Super AMOLED as the cause of delay in the shipments of Samsung Captivate to the telecom carrier from Samsung.


2 thoughts on “Rogers to start selling Samsung Captivate from Oct 25

  1. Hah! More BS: no Rogers store got delivery. Everyone says, “It launched, yeah—but the shipment’s been delayed.” I’m being told to expect stock sometime later this week; one rep specifically said “Friday”.

    HOLY S**T. ONE THING AFTER ANOTHER WITH THESE PEOPLE, WHAT A FIASCO. This phone was supposed to be here in August; Bell’s had it since April.

    It is now October 25th. How is it a launch, if nobody can get one?

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