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Pre-Order T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Tab on Amazon for $700

We know T-Mobile is going to release Samsung Galaxy Tab on November 10, and it will be selling for $399.99 with 2-yr agmt plan. But if you cannot wait and are not a “contract” person, Amazon has put T-Mobile version of Samsung Tab up for Pre-Order for $699.99.
According to Amazon, Galaxy Tab will be released on Nov 9, including shipping and stuff, it should land on your door on November 10, which is the official launch date.
So, do not wait order now.

One thought on “Pre-Order T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Tab on Amazon for $700

  1. $700?

    Why buy this when the iPad is much cheaper, and has a better installed software base? Sure, the iPad probably isn’t as friendly OS-wise, but it’s a LOT cheaper.

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