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Optimize your website for Google TV – Tips

As soon as Google opened its Google TV website public with almost all details, it has also released the optimization tips on how can you tweak your website for the now ‘not so Idiot box’.

To remind you, Google TV is a system that will work with any TV, but you will need to buy a Google TV set top box which will pump the internet into your current device. Alternatively you can buy a Google TV enabled smart TV like one from Sony.

Google TV basically utilizes Google Chrome as the browser, so most websites that function in Google Chrome should operate correctly on Google TV. But you should test your website on Google TV to ensure it functions correctly. Google has said that in the future, Google TV will also support a set of TV-specific APIs that will allow developers to navigate TV content.

Here are a few tips from Google for those who haven’t designed for TV before. In a television environment, you must

* Understand that content is king.
o Get users to the content as quickly and easily as possible.
o Don’t interrupt when users are watching TV. Instead, make the viewing experience better.
* Respect the living room context.
o Think about what users will and won’t want to do when viewing TV with their family and friends.
* Remember that TV is social.
o Consider how groups might use your website or application.
o Offer ways for individuals to use your site or apps in social settings.
* Learn the pros and cons of TV screens and audio.
o TV screens are wider and colors look different.
o Text must be readable from a distance.
o Sound is now a viable interface element.
* Make it easy.
o Offer simple choices and make actions obvious and easy to select.
o Provide navigation that is simple enough for a remote control.

Full optimization guide is available here.

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