OnTheFly app comes to Android; brings airfare comparison on the go

ITA Software today released “OnTheFly” app for Android. OnTheFly is basically an airfare shopping and comparison mobile app. It uses QPX, which is ITA’s airfare pricing and shopping engine.

“With the growing popularity of the Android platform among consumers and developers, we are providing our airline and travel distributor customers with new ways to take advantage of the QPX airfare shopping engine and drive new branding and revenue opportunities”

Application features include Flexible airport selection, travel date selector and fine-grained control over search parameters. It lets travelers to easily shop for optimal airfares for any itinerary in the world and provides comprehensive choices to tailor the search and shopping experience. OnTheFly can be downloaded for free from Android Market.

Full Feature List:

  • Fully integrates the rich functionality and power of QPX™
  • Lets users search and shop for the lowest airfares for both domestic and international trips
  • Enables tailored branding and interface modifications
  • Supports location-aware departure and arrival airport selection, with options for choosing nearby alternate airports, as well as remembering your previous choices
  • Makes it easy to choose dates for trips with support for alternate date search in one easy-to-use, graphical interface
  • Enables fine-grained control over many search parameters:
    • Number and type of passengers
    • Outbound and return departure and arrival times
    • Number of stops
    • Class of service
    • Ability to allow multi-airline flights and airport changes
    • Ability to check seat availability
    • Ability to specify the sales city
  • Easy-to-read chart summaries enable intuitive comparison between carriers, number of stops, travel dates, airports, plus total mileage and carbon emissions for each trip
  • Enables flight-by-flight building
  • Provides full disclosure of exact airfare calculation, including all taxes, fees, and all information necessary to make a reservation and purchase a ticket

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