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LG Optimus One now available in Korea; Smurfs campaign featuring Big Bang goes live

Image Credits – Akihabara News

LG has announced the availability of its latest Android 2.2 smartphone Optimus One in Korea. Interestingly, LG will also release a Smurf version of Optimus One as well. Those of you unaware of Smurfs, they are a group of small blue fictional creatures. It is expected that the features of Optimus One and Smurf version will almost be identical, which are:

–          3.2 inch HVGA screen

–          3 MP camera

–          600 MHz CPU

–          Android 2.2

–          1500 mAh battery.

The Big Bang Campaign:

LG has also launched a marketing campaign featuring Korean pop group “Big Bang” with Smurfs to popularize the smartphone in the country. Check out the commercials below.

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