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HTC Merge to launch on Verizon as Droid Incredible HD on Nov 23?

Remember the leaked HTC Merge which was supposed to hit Verizon. Well, it is hitting Verizon, but as Droid Incredible HD.

According to a user Miami1683 over at Droid Forums, Incredible HD will be released on November 23. There is no confirmation on this right but it makes sense making Merge a part of Droid series.

According to the known information, this smartphone will have 8 MP camera with dual LED flash, 4.3 inch display, Front facing camera, 3.5 mm headphone jack and Kick stand.

Via Limitless Droid

4 thoughts on “HTC Merge to launch on Verizon as Droid Incredible HD on Nov 23?

  1. Actually the specs you cite for this phone are completely different from what has been going around about the Merge, which has been 3.8″ screen, 5 MP camera and keyboard. Wish I knew which was correct, i’ve been waiting to buy a new phone.

  2. Aaron is right.
    Then you need to change the title of this article to HTC Incredible HD launching on Nov. 23rd? IT IS NOT THE HTC MERGE. Htc Merge is launching soon though.

    Different device. Has a hardware keyboard. Inc HD does not.

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