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Gingerbread launch is round the corner

We know Gingerbread is coming, but the launch could happen in the matter of days, as Google installed the Gingerbread man statue in its lawn yesterday. To give you a little background, Google has been putting up all the Android version name statues in the office lawns in the past, the last one was Froyo, now we have Gingerbread man. It marks the completion of version from Google’ front, so it’s just the matter of days that we will see the next big Android version from the internet search giant.

Although in the past couple of days, there have a lot of debate on what will be the next version number, frankly we do not care, until Google gives us something real good. Be it 3.0 or 2.3, it all about what will we find in the next version. Till then check out the mounting video from Google.

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