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Garmin-Asus to launch one-two Android phones in Taiwan

A10 & A50 launch expected in other Asian countries

Garmin-Asus is expected to launch one or two Android phones this year in Taiwan. The joint venture of Asus and Garmin has earlier released A10 in the country, which has sold over 3,500 units till now, reported Digitimes.

Garmin Asus is also planning to re-launch A10 with EasyCard integration, which is issued by Taipei Smart Card Corporation, which will enable users to pay public transport fares and shop at certain stores.

Garmin-Asus will also promote the A10 in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Indonesia, and Eastern Europe. They also plans to introduce its A50 smartphone, which it launched with telecom carriers in the US and Europe previously, into Asia markets, the company noted.

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