Best Economical Android mobile phone in India [Poll] [Results]

So, we are back with a new poll. This time its about price and features. Which amongst the available Android phones in India, you think is the most economical, and comes with best features. So, do not wait – just vote, and tell others to vote. [Poll is closed now and results are here]

Results: Samsung Galaxy 3 is the pick of the readers as the best economical Android phone available in India.

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5 thoughts on “Best Economical Android mobile phone in India [Poll] [Results]

  1. @Gaurav, any idea when will the IDEOS land in India? heard that it’ll come on November. but any particular date? any rumors? also will it be locked to particular carrier (i really hope it doesn’t)? if its priced @ or below 7k, i’ll get it. else most will go for the slightly expensive Galaxy 5.

  2. @Gaurav Why is the Motorola and Spice both there as they are essentially the same hardware. Also when the LG Optimus One launches it should beat most of these hands down. Any idea when it will release in India ? Just been waiting and waiting ….

  3. Why is the Samsung Galaxy 3 at the top of this list? It has QVGA resolution which simply means that it does not support most of the apps in the Android app store. The point of owning an android is to enjoy and take advantage of those very apps. If you look at the specs of the Videocon Zeus or the Spice MI300, they’re far superior at more or less the same cost.

    The Motorola Backflip costs 18.5k rs. and technically shouldn’t be on this list of ‘economical’ phones.

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