Best Android Phone in India [Poll] [Results Update]

With Android phones hitting India every week, we thought that it’s high time we asked our readers, which do they think is the best Android phone available in the country. So, here we are. Let us know what’s your choice in Android smartphones. [Poll is closed now]

UPDATE: So, the results are here, with over 500 votes cast in the poll. Samsung Galaxy S emerged as the winner, with HTC Desire coming out as the second best phone according to our readers. Check out more results below and

16 thoughts on “Best Android Phone in India [Poll] [Results Update]

  1. HTC Legend is not included in main list? how stupid? thats why people have voted mostly in Others!!!…Include HTC legend and see the winner…:)

  2. welll i feel it jst bad way…make it thru price section…..frm low end to mid to high end….or esle all will vote high end phn & it will win

    1. @Rajeev We are also planning to have Best Economical Android phone poll soon. That should take care of price point as well.

  3. Why you didn’t add Huawei ideos and Spice Mi410( it runs android 2.2 and have hardware that can match galaxy s at much affordable price).

    1. @arun Both these smartphones are not available in India currently. We have only included smartphone, which you can buy right now.

  4. its acer liquid ,,, other than a lousy cam, the phone is super fast for a relatively low price. M suprised it is not in ur list !

  5. Guys, We will soon have a Best Value for Money Android phone in India poll too. This is poll is about overall best Android phone in India – In Terms of Hardware, Software Version, Features, Brand Value and finally Usability.

  6. I’ve been following android phones closely and have gone thru almost all reviews and i think HTC Wildfire is the best of all considering all the features it offers at a very reasonable price.

  7. Include Samsung Galaxy 3.After i bought two of my friends also bought. We vote for Samsung Galaxy 3 . It is value for money.

  8. htc wildfire is not 1gz does not stand a chance with galaxy s and desire but economialy its good! htc legend is old chipset…….it cannot win!! desire is a great power house bot galaxy s and desire are almost the same and galxy s has lag issues and gps issues which is a deal breaker and the custom roms for htc desire are epic like cm6 nitleys and the miui roms so i guess desire is the righteous winner!

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