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Barnes & Noble launches NOOK color tablet

Barnes & Noble today launched its next version of Android e-book reader Nook in the form of a color touch tablet – Nook Color. It is available for pre-order now at and Barnes & Noble Stores at a price of $249. It will start shipping on November 19 and reach Best Buy, Walmart and Books-A-Million in late November.

This full-color touch tablet runs on Android and sports a 7-inch VividView display, 8GB of space, plus expandable memory and Wi-Fi.

“With NOOKcolor, we’ve combined the functionality and convenience of a 7-inch portable wireless tablet with the reader-centricity of a dedicated eReader, and employed a breakthrough color screen technology that will wow customers,” said William Lynch, Chief Executive Officer of Barnes & Noble.

“NOOKcolor enables Web browsing over Wi-Fi, music, games and much more, but reading anything and everything in brilliant color is the killer app and squarely the product’s focus. At $249, NOOKcolor offers a tremendous value, particularly in comparison to the many other 7-inch tablets coming to market at twice the cost and often requiring expensive data plans. Most importantly, NOOKcolor is designed for and differentiated by what Barnes & Noble knows best: reading,” added Lynch.

B&N has also revamped its Nook Book store to include more stuff such as:

  • Over two million books, magazines, newspapers and other titles
  • NOOKnewsstand – periodicals in vivid color
  • NOOK kids experience
  • Interactive titles

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