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Vodafone to launch Motorola Flipout in Australia for $299

Move over the high end smartphones – Motorola’s Android run FlipOut is hitting the Australian market, for just $299 from Vodafone.

The phone is not the usual model of slide or flip phones but has a sideways rotational pivot that reveals a QWERTY keyboard. Apart from the unusual design, the phone comes with the following features:

–          Android 2.1 with Motoblur

–          3 MP camera

–          OMAP 3410 processor

–          240*320 pixels TFT screen

–          Can support up to 32GB of external memory

In addition, the phone also comes with Kodak’s Photo Touch that helps in improving the brightness and color in the pictures clicked from the phone.

Though the exact date has not been announced yet, FlipOut is expected to flood the markets by early October.

Via Lifehacker

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