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Verizon V Cast App Store for Android coming by year-end

Verizon yesterday announced that its V Cast App store for Android will be ready by the year-end. According to the operator, it is planning to an Android Market competitor or something, it just making it easy for consumers to find apps, pay for them and things.

Verizon Developer Community is now accepting submissions for Android 2.2 compatible applications for its V Cast Store.

“Some have asked – Verizon, what are you thinking?” Greg Haller, vice president of consumer solutions at Verizon.said. “Is there really a need for another store? We think so” because it will provide choice, opportunity, simplicity, and competition. “We’ll help customers find apps and let them decide how they want to get them,” Haller said.

According to PC World, Haller also announced plans to release additional APIs to developers. The first – a network API – will provide developers with access to the Verizon Wireless network. Second, the messaging APIs will let developers create apps and services that send, receive, and request receipt of text and multimedia messages for Verizon customers. The messaging API will also enable developers to offer features like “link-to-buy” a product. The location API, meanwhile, will let developers offer more specific and targeted offers, Verizon said.

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