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Thales & Panasonic showcase Android powered In-Flight systems

After Television and Printers, it is now the turn of In-Flight system to get the taste of Android. Thales and Panasonic have demoed two Android powered in-flight systems recently.

Thales’ Touch Passenger Media Unit (TouchPMU) is a stand-alone media access device as well as a controller for the seat display. TouchPMU locally stores a wide range of applications independent of the new TopSeries system. This allows passengers to engage in activities such as watch moving map flight information, order food and beverages, play games, take a survey, shop and even chat onboard while at the same time engage with the seatback menu options.

TouchPMU is a hand-held 3.8 inch LCD display unit with resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. It comes with a ARM Cortex Processor at core.

On the same time, Panasonic also has an Android-based IFEC system that it’s showcasing, and a video of the system below.


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