Swiftkey Android app out of beta; available in Market for $0.99

SwiftKey for Android today got out of the public beta phase and was re-launched in Android Market as a paid app. SwiftKey accurately predicts about a third of words before a user chooses a single letter and the majority of remaining words only require one or two key-presses to type, speeding up SMS or email composition by up to 50%.

“We were overwhelmed by the success of SwiftKey’s beta launch and the positive response from our users,” TouchType’s CEO Jon Reynolds said. “SwiftKey is already one of the most popular keyboards on Android. We hope to continue that trend now with our enhanced full version.”

The new app supports voice dictation and multi-touch, has a new keyboard layout including a numpad and arrow keys, and can make simultaneous predictions in two languages. To celebrate the launch, TouchType is giving SwiftKey away for just $0.99 for the next week on the Android Market, a three-dollar discount. A free trial version will become available next week.


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