Send/Receive SMS without even touching your Android phone with StartTalking

AdelaVoice, a Boston startup has launched a free Android application, which lets users to send and receive messages without even touching or looking at the phone.

Named StartTalking, this application is based on AdelaVoice Conversation Services and uses Google’s speech recognition engine.

To use with StartTalking, the user wakes up the phone by calling it by a pre-assigned name, then speaks the message and commands the phone to send it. StartTalking guides the user through the process with computerized voice commands and reads back the message as the software has understood it so the user can confirm it is correct.

According to the company, this is the first and only application, which can be used completely without the user’s hands or eyes. Even Google’s very own Voice Actions for Android requires user to tap a screen button to use the application.

StartTalking supports another feature, which lets users to send recorded voice messages as attachment to standard text message.

Features of the Application:

  • Listen to incoming messages as they arrive
  • Reply to messages with your voice
  • Send new messages with your voice
  • Post to Facebook and Twitter

The application runs on Android 2.0 and higher versions and is available immediately in an open beta test in Android Market. The initial users love the app, but say that the app needs improvement.

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