Samsung recommends telcos to bundle Galaxy Tab with existing phone plans

We know Samsung Galaxy Tab is going to be priced on the expensive end and to make the tablet successful is already captured by Apple iPad, it would need telecom operators to subsidize the tablet.
But, Samsung is not all satisfied with that only, the company is urging operators to bundle sales of its new Galaxy tablet with cell phones and their data plans in order to cut the cost to consumers, reported FT.

It would be a burden if consumers had to pay for a separate plan for the Galaxy Tab on top of their existing phone plan, said Lee Don Joo, head of global sales and marketing for Samsung’s mobile products.

On a downside for consumers who would want the tablet unlocked and simfree, Samsung is only planning to sell the device to operators currently, who will offer it to consumers with the phone functionality at a subsidised price. That means, expect the tablet to be carrier locked.

Samsung is depending a lot on the operators to make the tablet a huge success, the same is visible in the next statement from Lee.

“Some European operators can provide one telephone number, two Sim cards, two devices, one data plan and one bill and this is better for the consumer.

“Hopefully we can mitigate worries with such a bundle offer – that is exactly what we are talking about now with all the operators.”

If you are waiting for the tablet, here is the good news. Operators around the world will announce availability of the Galaxy Tab, one by one, “very soon”, added Lee.

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