LG to launch NVIDIA Tegra 2 powered Optimus series smartphones in Q4 2010

We recently saw Nvidia Tegra 2 powered netbook’s performance in a benchmark test and it really blew the competition off; just think about the result when Tegra 2 will power Android smartphones.
Well, that day is not far, LG today stated that it will introduce a series of smartphones starting in the fourth quarter of 2010 utilizing the second generation NVIDIA Tegra mobile processor, Tegra 2.

These smartphones will be part of LG’s Optimus Series, which already includes some Android phones like Optimus One, Optimus Chic and original Optimus.

According to LG :

Taking full advantage of the two speedy 1 GHz processors sharing the workload in Tegra 2, consumers can experience up to 2x faster web browsing and up to 5x faster gaming performance over single core processors running at 1 GHz. NVIDIA’s leadership in graphics also delivers flawless 1080p HD video playback, console-quality gaming and amazing 3D capabilities.

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