Japanese firms showcase Android powered Robot at Google Dev day

Google Developer day in Tokyo had a little surprise in store for the participants, RT Corp and Brilliant Service Co Ltd exhibited an Android-based robot at the event.

According to the companies, robot dubbed as RIC Android, is the first robot, whose controls are powered entirely by Android.

RIC android can produce synthetic sounds and play music. “We wanted to create a service using both a robot and a cloud by exploiting the high affinity of cloud services and Android,” said Yoshihiko Sugimoto, president of Brilliant Service.

Companies intend to develop a system that can extend the robot’s functions by delivering motion data to it by April 2011. It also has plans to rent the robot at a price starting from ¥525,000 (approx US$6,266) per day, to other companies to who want to use it as a promotional material.

via Tech ON

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