IDrive Lite now supports "Location Tracking"

Pro Softnet Corporation has updated its contacts backup Android application IDrive Lite. The latest update brings location tracking features, which lets opted-in users to track their contacts from their Android phones. This functionality is currently available to Android 2.1 and up versions only.
IDrive Lite basically offers contacts backup and restore functionality for Android devices. The application is available free in Android Market.

“With the addition of the new opt-in location tracking feature, IDrive Lite now has the ability to both backup contacts as well as provide location tracking between iPhone and Android platforms. We believe it will be very beneficial for families and friends to track their location with strict privacy controls. With over 15 Million contacts backed up, IDrive Lite provides a compelling solution for sharing location information among contacts,” says Shweta S., COO of Pro Softnet Corp.

IDrive Lite’s Features:

  • Easy backups and restores of contacts
  • Multiple platform support allowing transfer of contacts between devices
  • Location tracking, add and manage contacts who can see your location
  • Track all opted in contacts on a map view

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