Huawei introduces cheap Android 2.2 smartphone – Ideos

Google’s dream of making Android accessible is soon going to be true and it has worked hard for it. In the collaboration with Chinese manufacturer Huawei, Google has developed ‘Ideos’ Android phone.

Huawei Idoes will bring a cheap Android 2.2 experience to the masses. The phone, which is expected to cost between $100 and $200 will run Android 2.2 [Froyo], feature a 2.8-inch capacitive touchscreen, 528MHz processor, 3.2MP camera, brightness, proximity and accelerometer sensors built in, and MicroSD storage.

Being a Google experience device, Ideos means a pure Android experience, with no added skin or UI. Huawei also promises prompt automatic updates to newer versions of Android, when they become available. The smartphone will be launching mid-October.

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