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HCL to manufacture $35 Indian Android tablet; first batch before 10 Jan

Everyone feared that the much anticipated $35 tablet project of Indian government might turn out to be a flop show but considering the latest update, tablet is very much on the right track and will make its debut in Jan 2011.

Indian government recently awarded the contract to manufacture the Android tablet to HCL Infosystems. The company will help govt manufacture 100,000 such tablets.

On the other hand, Indian Institute of Technology Rajasthan will carry out “intensive laboratory and field tests across the country” using the tablets.

According to the government, tablet has to be rolled out before the 10th of January 2011.

Indian government first announced the plan to bring a $35 tablet on 23 July, and said it will be made available to university-level students from the second half of next year.

Tablet will come in three versions of 5, 7, and 9 inches display, however it looks like government is only planning roll out 7 inch display version first.

It will be packed with 2 GB RAM memory, wi-fi connectivity, USB port and powered by a 2-watt system to suit poor power supply areas. It will laso have apps like internet browser, PDF reader, video conferencing facilities, open office, sci-lab, media player, remote device management capability, multimedia input-output interface option, and multiple content viewer.

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