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Google, Paypal in talks over Android Market deal

Remember the last month’s reports on Google and ebay talks over the possible entry of Paypal as a payment option in Android Market. Now, according to The Street, Google and eBay are said to be getting closer to a deal that would add PayPal to the checkout process, according to the analysts monitoring the situation.

The move highlights Google’s efforts to find a simple and comprehensive payment system that can compete with the popular Apple iTunes network, publication added. Considering that the Google Checkout is the only option to pay in Android market, and the upcoming increase in the number of countries supporting paid apps in market, Paypal deal seems to be a necessary element here.

PayPal has a better adoption across the world and Google Checkout still remains to be a niche product. If Google has to compete with Apple and entice the app developers in joining its platform, it will have to integrate PayPal in Android Market. As always, Google has declined to comment on the rumours.

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