Gmail for Android now supports Priority Inbox; Available in Android Market

Gmail for Android with Priority Inbox is here, but it is only for Android 2.2 running phones. Google today released an update to GMail application in the Android Market. It is for the first time Gmail has appeared in Android Market, as we know it comes pre-installed on every Android phone. The presence in Android Market will make it easier for Google to push updates more often.

The updated App comes with the following features:

  • The ability to view quoted text, just as in the desktop version of Gmail. Users must tap “Show quoted text” to view previous messages
  • The most important message actions such as “Reply” and “Star” will now stick to the top of the screen. Users can scroll all the way to the bottom of a message, and the controls will still be visible.
  • Limited support for the newly introduced “Priority Inbox” feature, which up to now was available in the desktop version of Gmail only. Once the feature is enabled on a computer, the Gmail application on Android will show a new “Important” label with all of the priority messages.

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