GClue launches BLOCCO – An app-linking system for Android

Japanese Android development company GClue has launched “BLOCCO” an App linking system. This allows Android phones users to create gesture based application action shortcuts, making it faster and convenient to use the smartphone.

For example, it allows you to assign simple text information such as “I’m home now” to a geometric shape such as triangle. Then you can submit the preset text information to Twitter simply by drawing the preset shape. When you arrive back home from outside, your smartphone can automatically turn your Wi-Fi settings on, as your location condition changes. When you are running low on battery power, as another example, it can automatically turn Bluetooth setting off.

Some of the primary actions that users can perform using BLOCCO are:

  • Running an application on your smartphone with its time presetting function
  • Changing a desktop wallpaper on your smartphone when getting a call
  • Decreasing the screen brightness of your phone when the phone’s battery dropping to below 50% for the life of the battery
  • Playing music when getting a Gmail

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