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Dell to launch 7" tablet soon; 3", 4" & 10" tablets to follow

Five inch Dell Streak and the upcoming 7 inch tablets aren’t enough for Dell, three more versions in display sizes of three-inch, four-inch and 10-inch will be hitting the market in the next twelve months. I do not understand the concept of a 3 inch tablet, that is even smaller that most of the modern smartphones. We also suspect this 3 inch device to be an add-on accessory to 10 inch tablet like the one Sony Ericsson launched yesterday, but that was only 1.3 inch. Anyways it is coming directly from Dell Greater China president Amit Midha, so we will soon hear more.
Amit also said that the launch of Dell’s 7 inch Android tablet is very near. Company will officially launch it in the next few weeks.
“It was showed off at Oracle World by Michael last week and we’ll be launching very, very soon–within the next few weeks,” Midha told Dow Jones Newswires in an interview. He also added that Dell Streak will be hitting China later this year.

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