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Complete Android Guide – Free Online Resource for all Android newbies

As Android is growing day by day, many of Nokia, Blackberry and even iPhone lovers are migrating to Android. But it not often easy to go for a change when you have been using the other device for a long long time. You have search on internet or ask friends to tell you even the small things in the new phone. So there is a solution for you – Kevin Purdy’s latest book – The Complete Android Guide.
The entire book content is available in the form of an open wiki that anyone can read online for free or you can pay $9 to download the book as a PDF and ePUB file for offline reading.
It is an illustrative guide on how to do basic stuff with your Android phone and has detail account of the Android features.

Some of the topics, that you will find in this Android guide are:

Chapter 01 Meet Your Android

Chapter 02 Get Started with Android

Chapter 03 The Home Screen

Chapter 04 Notifications and the Notification Bar

Chapter 05 Keyboard and Voice Input

Chapter 06 Buttons and Finger Controls

Chapter 07 Making Calls, Sending Texts, Managing Contacts

Chapter 08 Browsing the Web

Chapter 09 Gmail And Email

Chapter 10 Calendars

Chapter 11 Text SMS Messaging

Chapter 13 Maps, Navigation, and Car Mode and much more

You can go and read the full guide here or find an embedded version below:

Complete Android Guide (Kevin Purdy) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

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