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Best Applications for T-Mobile G2

tmobile-g2- appsG2 is here and it comes with several necessary Android Apps pre-installed like Google Voice, Photobucket, Voice Actions, Wolfram Alpha, and all the Google apps. But, still there are so many other applications, which you would want to install on your new G2. So, we have compiled a list of must have Android applications for every G2 user. If you want to suggest an application, which needs to be added in the list, please feel free to drop a comment about it.

    1. Car Locator: Ever forgot where you parked your car? This will not happen again using the Car Locator App! Simply save your position when you leave your car. The App then shows you your location and the one of your car whenever you want.
    2. WeatherBug: WeatherBug is a free, ad-supported weather app providing users access to the largest network of professional weather stations. Get current conditions, forecasts, maps, severe weather alerts and much more!
    3. Facebook for Androidg2 apps
    4. Twitter for Android/Twidryod
    5. Pandora Radio: Pandora Android app lets you listen to personalized radio stations based on your favorite artists or songs. Thanks to Android’s multitasking capabilities, you’ll be able to rock out while running other apps.
    6. doubleTwist Player: The doubleTwist Player is a fully featured music and video app that seamlessly integrates with the free doubleTwist desktop client on Mac/PC. Import your iTunes playlists, ratings and playcounts; sync and play your audio and video podcasts and more!
    7. Dropbox: Sync files between your computer and mobile phone, with sharing options, search, and even document-viewing optimization.
    8. Documents To Go 2.0: View Microsoft Word & Excel files & attachments (doc, docx, xls, xlsx)
    9. ASTRO File Manager: File Manager, Backup, Image and text viewers, Networking, SMB, Bluetooth, SFTP, Zip Tar, downloader, thumbnails, search files, application manager, task manager, attachments, all rolled into one.
    10. Layar Reality Browser: Layar Reality Browser, a beautiful, fun augmented reality app that shows you the things you can?t see. It augments digital objects on top of reality, as can be seen through the mobile phone?s camera. When opening the app, you?ll be immediately presented with a list of spots nearby.
    11. Wikidroid for Wikipedia: View all of Wikipedia’s articles formatted perfectly for your device.
    12. 13. Kindle for Android/ NOOK for Android
    13. Shopper: Shopper recognizes books and media by cover art, plus barcode scanning and voice search. Find local and online prices, reviews, specs, and more. Star your favorites and share with friends.
    14. Google Goggles: Google Goggles is a visual search app. Instead of using words, take a picture of an object with your camera phone: we attempt to recognize the object, and return relevant search results. Goggles can also recognize English, French, Italian, German and Spanish words and allow you to translate to other languages.
    15. Adobe Reader: The free app lets you view, zoom and perform other basic interactions with PDF and other documents, directly on your phone.
    16. LauncherPro: it transforms your Android home screen into something more customized to your needs. The popular app released a series of updates these past few weeks.
    17. Google Finance: The free app gives you mobile access to your Google Finance portfolios, letting you keep up with the companies you are watching and those in which you have invested.  With concern around Google’s limited app regulation for third parties, using a Google-run app may ease your mind.
    18. Photoshop Mobile: Photoshop in the mobile version does not have as many features, but those that are useful to do a little tweaks with mobile images.  It costs nothing and you can upload your photos on if you want. The app allows you to crop the photo, change the exposure, contrast, color and add different filters.

That’s more than enough for a start.

2 thoughts on “Best Applications for T-Mobile G2

  1. To me all that is worthless w/o the mobile hotspot that is supose to come with froyo 2.2 but tmo had it disconnected and now no true Google experience and no mobile hotspot i was gonna renew my contract for the G2 but now i think i’ll go to verizon and get the Droid 2 r2d2,it has everything the G2 doesn’t.

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