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Android users to cross half billion mark by 2015

Android usage is rising like anything. The latest report pegs the number of Android users to half a billion by 2015.

“This growth will be driven by the ongoing competition between top tier manufacturers and challengers such as Google, RIM, Apple and Microsoft who are racing to create the best possible user experience at lower pricing points,” Informa said.

Once a king Nokia, is now going to fall and will lose out most from the trend, according to Informa principal analyst Malik Kamal-Saadi.

“Informa expects that the market share of Symbian, from total smartphone users, to drop significantly from 53 percent in 2009 to 32 percent in 2015.

“In terms of sales, smartphones powered by Android are expected to surpass these of Symbian as early as 2012,” he added.


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