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Sony Ericsson's Android PSP phone in making

Android’s gaming capabilities are yet to be tested, skeptics doubt them but we have faith. And looks like Sony too have faith that’s why they are working on an Android PSP phone, which will be a portable playstation rolled in a smartphone with Android 3.0 on-board.

Folks over Engadget are reporting via their trusted source that this device would have be a 3.7- to 4.1-inch touchscreen slider but would have PSP Go-style gamepads, bumpers and face buttons in place of the usual QWERTY keyboard with a 5 megapixel camera and 1GHz Snapdragon CPU on board.

They too have created a mock up the device.

Sony Ericsson apparently has teamed up with Google not only to get Android 3.0 on the handset with a custom skin, but also to bring a new section of games tailored for the device to the Android Market. We doubt about the custom skin thing, on one hand Google has said Android 3.0 would kill custom skins and on the other hand they are partnering with Sony for developing a custom skin for this device.. nah – something is wrong here.

Anyways this all needs an official stamp right now, which is expected to come somewhere around early October of this year.

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