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Samsung Galaxy Tab launching in Germany next month

Leaked Photo of Samsung Galaxy Tab

According to the latest info sourced from Samsung, we might have to wait for the Galaxy Tab launch till next month. So that means, there will be no Samsung Android tablet launch tomorrow as earlier anticipated. Although we might see Samsung’s Android based PMP being announced.

According to the JoongAng Daily, Samsung will unveil the device at the IFA consumer electronics show, taking place in Germany from Sept. 3 to 8. Samsung has earlier announced that Galaxy Tab will coming in third quarter, so a September launch is still in that time-frame. 
“We will showcase our latest Smart TV at the show,” a high-ranking official at Samsung said. “We will also showcase our tablet PC for the first time officially,” he added.
According to the leaked information about the tablet till now, Galaxy Tab is expected to come with 7 inch display, two cameras front and back, GPS, Wi-Fi , 3G data connection capability, A8 1.2GHz processor, 16GB internet memory, and 4000 mAh battery.

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