Nexus One now available as 'Developer Phone' for $529 (Update)

Google Nexus One

Somethings never go out of fashion and Google will never let you forget Nexus One. From today, Nexus One became available as Dev Phone to Android Market developers. Earlier two Dev phones were HTC Magic and HTC Dream. N1 will cost as usual $529, and I think it should be available worldwide, will need to confirm that.** (see below)
To see the details or order a phone, developers need to sign in to their Android dev account and click on the “Development Phones” link.

According to Android Dev Blog,

The Nexus One combines an up-to-the-minute platform (Android 2.2), modern hardware, and the pure Google Experience software suite. It’s a good choice both for people who want to build Android applications using either the SDK or the NDK, and those who want to experiment with modified versions of the Android platform. Note that the Nexus One still ships with Android 2.1 but will download 2.2 soon after you turn it on; make sure you’re near a fast network.

UPDATE: Nexus One Dev Phone is not available worldwide, just in Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Singapore, Spain, UK and US. These are so called approved markets.
India has been left out for God know what reasons. While Google is all happy giving Indian employees free N1s, why can not they let Indian devs buy Google Phone.

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