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KT Corp launches South Korea's first Android tablet "Identity Tab"

As we earlier reported, South Korea’s KT Corp was preparing to launch an Android tablet in the market, it announced the release of Identity Pad today.

Identity Pad is an Android powered tablet with a 7” Multitouch screen, 1 Ghz Snapdragon CPU, 8GB only of internal memory, DMB TV Tuner, Gyro-Sensor, 3Mpix Camera Module, Wi-Fi, and SD Card reader.

The Android tablet will be retailing for around KRW300,000, or $253, each or free with a 27,000 Won 24 Month Contract and a 50G WiBro Unlimited Data plan and Wi-Fi Wibro data Card.

Another 8 inch version of the tablet is also in pipeline, which might be released soon. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, which will be launched on the competitor operator SK Telecom will be the first rival device for Identity Tab in the market.

Enspert, a local device manufacturer seems to have manufactured the tablet for KT Corp.

With Inputs from Akihabara News and WSJ

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