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IN Media IPTV set top box now integrates Android

IN Media’s! ROFL IP Set Top Box has now integrated with Google’s Android platform providing consumers the ability to download games and applications from Google’s Android Market application store.  There will be seamless integration with their Android based mobile phones, Tablet PC’s running Android and all Android enabled devices within IN Media’s Set top Box !ROFL. Consumers can now share, view, play and interact with content driven from their hand-held devices to their television sets.

Dr. Nick Karnik, IN Media C.E.O has said, “With !ROFL, we have taken the applications to big screen TVs, not only providing a 1080P High Definition content viewing experience, while enjoying the full range of Android supported applications.”

Personal content storage streaming to multiple devices allows users to store content on the network hosted by players such as Amazon eliminating the need to burn DVDs to a hard disk to create a content library. !ROFL takes advantage of Cloud Computing solutions.

IPTV appliances and interfaces with implementations of the technology in key provinces of China and planned roll outs in India and the United States.

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