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HTC Desire India Edition: What to expect & What not

HTC Desire is reaching Indian shelves slowly, and it is time for us to look about what can we expect from this Android smartphone.


The modest dark grey plastic cover is an indication that HTC Desire is more about substance than style. A powerful 1 GHz Snapdragon Processor, a touch-sensitive track pad and clicky buttons differentiate it from Nexus One, its Google branded cousin.

What is also different is the HTC Desire lacks the noise cancellation feature as well as the voice recognition for texts and e-mails. However, considering that the latter was not very popular among users, it will hardly be missed in HTC Desire.

The phone has a 5 mega pixel camera. It is fast to start and the shutter lag is hardly noticeable. The LED photo light is quite useful when clicking pictures in the dark. The video recording capability is amazingly clear and changes in lighting are taken into consideration. The pictures taken are quickly written onto the memory card and it is an indication of the powerful processor and the 512 MB RAM.

HTC Sense UI:

The inclusion of the HTC Sense UI is the single most differentiating factor between the Desire and Nexus One. It covers the Android 2.1 operating system with an attractive user interface. The extra apps add zing to the phone. The Desire has a comprehensive address book that compiles all the contacts and photos from Outlook, Gmail, Facebook and Flickr. If only it could merge Outlook emails and other emails accounts and had more polished widgets, then it would have been perfect, but for now, we have no complaints against the available apps.

Perfectly Desirable?

Despite all its charms that immediately woo the techno enthusiasts, HTC Desire is not the perfect smartphone. The battery life is short and needs regular recharging. Taking off the battery cover causes its to flex and pop, which is a big concern.

If you are ready to overlook these glitches, then you have a almost perfect phone in your hand, that does not compromise on its utility functions. The pluses seem to overtake the drawback, and that is what makes this Android run HTC smartphone oh so desirable.

One thought on “HTC Desire India Edition: What to expect & What not

  1. I have had the desire for months and it has some undesireable features. Speaker on the back side so when laid down it mutes the sound. Should have been placed in the front or side and should have two speakers on each side like Nokia. The sound button is too big or long and is placed in the wrong spot. Should be placed on top and not on the side where every time you handle it, it turns down the sound. The contact page doesn’t come up when adding contacts to let you add things like extra phone numbers and addresses you have to go else where. The navagation is real slow sometimes takes 5 mins to lock on GPS. If you stick it in your front pocket it will dial some random number. I got mine on ebay and I thought I was getting T-Moble USA as it didn’t say what version and I got a UK version. The wall adapter is jury rigged to accomadate the UK plug in. It came with no manual or car charger or headset also. I don’t like that you can’t search for Apps by typing in what your looking for. You have to tap a catagory and scroll looking for what you want and hope you will find it after looking thru many pages to get what you want. There is more but I am dissapointed in the Desire. I like my Nokia better.

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