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Google scrapped plans to launch Nexus One in India; they had plans?

Google Nexus One

Well this did not come as a surprise to me, considering I never expected Google to launch Nexus One in India. Well they did not launch it finally.
“We are not launching Nexus One in India. It would not have worked because at $500 it is on the expensive side for the Indian market,” said Vinay Goel, Head of Products for Google India.

We have realised that the handset device manufacturers like Samsung or HTC are better equipped to address the needs of the market. We are partnering them to enable cheaper smart phones based on our Android platform, he added.

The absence of Nexus One from Indian was a big let down for me as well as several other Android lovers, and Google has given such a poor excuse for that. On the other hand HTC and Samsung, both have launched phones in that so called expensive segment and these phones will have decent sales.

via Business Line

One thought on “Google scrapped plans to launch Nexus One in India; they had plans?

  1. Thats the flimsiest excuse i’ve ever heard. When indians buy $500 htc’s or a $700 iPhones how can they suddenly become ‘poor’ while buyin a nexus one?

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