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Best Motorola Droid 2 Applications

Motorola Droid 2

Finally Droid 2 is here. Most of you will go and buy this much anticipated Android smartphone. We have compiled a list of must have applications for you. Don’t wait, check out the list below.

xScope Browser
xScope Browser [Photo courtesy Androidandme
xScope Browser: Want a speedy browser to surf on Droid 2. Here is it. In the speed department, xScope is a welcome improvement over the stock browser. Page load times were noticeably shorter and in general the browser just feels more responsive at any given time. While it’s page load times are not as fast as Opera Mini, the page rendering is far superior to the way Opera Mini renders sites.

Astro File Manager: One thing the Android OS lacks is a solid way to navigate your SD card to find files, but no worries Astro File Manager is a great free addition to any Android device. The interface is extremely basic, it allows you to explore your SD card, move, rename, delete and back up files while on the go.

Advanced Task Killer Free: It’s surprisingly difficult to close an Android app, and after spending a few hours with your Android phone you might find it feels a bit sluggish because so many apps are running quietly in the background and your battery draining quickly. So a task-killing app like this is a must; two clicks, and you’ve released megabytes of memory and freed up oodles of processor power.

Google Voice: Google Voice for Android remains the best way to use Google Voice on a smartphone. If you have a virtual Google Voice number, you’ll be able to make outgoing calls and SMS messages easily, including international calls that run about 2 cents per minute. This app also lets you integrate your phone’s built-in address book and call log for voice calls.

Photoshop Mobile: With the cool Droid 2 camera, you would surely like to do more with your images, For that you have Photoshop Android version. Photoshop in the mobile version does not have as many features, but those that are useful to do a little tweaks with mobile images. It costs nothing and you can upload your photos on if you want. The app allows you to crop the photo, change the exposure, contrast, color and add different filters.

Facebook and Twitter Official Apps: No description needed 🙂

EasyNote: It makes the list because of its multi-use capabilities. Create shopping lists, track daily tasks, or simply jot down your thoughts.

Google Goggles: One of the most innovative apps available for the Droid 2. A free download in the Android Market, lets you get information about objects simply by pointing your phone at them. It can recognize landmarks, logos, artwork, businesses, and all sorts of different products. Once you snap an image, Goggles scans and identifies it. Seconds later, it brings you detailed information about the object along with pages of relevant Web results.


double Twist

DoubleTwist: The app acts as an iTunes program, syncing content between your phone and your computer. DoubleTwist also acts as a media player on your phone, giving you easy access to music, photos and videos.

Adobe Reader: The free app lets you view, zoom and perform other basic interactions with PDF and other documents, directly on your phone.

ShopSavvy’s free app was one of the first bar code scanners for Android, and is still one of the best. Scan or manually search for an item, and you can find local and Web results, complete with retailer details and price filters to help you get the best deal.

If you want to suggest some apps to include in this list, pl drop the app name in comments.

2 thoughts on “Best Motorola Droid 2 Applications

  1. I think it’s refreshing when companies release phones in colors other than black or silver. I’d buy this if I wasn’t so hopelessly reliant on the look and feel of Sense UI.

  2. even tho this article is well over a year old i gotta say,” Xscope is still THE BEST stock browser replacement. Fast, theme-able, and renders pages to look like “the real” internet, specially with flash support. And File Expert takes the cake for file manager/explorer apps. and if your rooted its even better (well, everythings better rooted) you can mount and modify system files (and apps).

    PS easy note is o.k….note everything is where its at.

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