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Optus brings SE Xperia X10 Mini to Australia

Optus is increasing its Android offerings in Australia. After the X10 release, it look like they have already started offering Xperia X10 Mini. A listing on their website states that X10 Mini is available on the Optus Personal Mobile Store and plans range from $19 to $99 on the “yes” social, $19 to $79 on the “yes” cap and $99 to $129 on the Timeless Max. All plans come with a credit bonus of $50 to $100 if purchased online through the Optus store.
The phone is also available as pre-paid on Telechoice for $349. The remind you all, The X10 Mini has a 600MHz processor, a QVGA screen and a 5 megapixel camera with Android 1.6 on-board.


One thought on “Optus brings SE Xperia X10 Mini to Australia

  1. Hey Guys good news, there is a software available for Xperia X10 family,

    Performances fixis :-

    1. New MediaScape
    2. Assess MediaScape when you change wallpaper from Home Screen
    3. Auto resize video when u play video in MediaScape
    4. New Build R2BA023
    5. Most Important Backup and Restore software by SE itself.

    pls update and let me know.

    Enjoy guys 🙂

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