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Pantech announces Android smartphone 'Izar' for women

Hey gals, check this out. Finally there is something really cool for you in the Android store. Pantech has launched ‘Izar’ aka IM-A630 Android phone for you.

Powered by an Android 2.1 OS, the new Pantech IM-A630K features a sleek and compact (114.4 x 55.4 x 13.35mm). Aprt from that it comes with a 5MP camera with autofocus, Bluetooth, T-DMB, apps support and an app for managing finances. Izar will soon have Android 2.2 update.

South Korean popular actress Goo Hye Sun has been chosen to be the main model for this Pantech’s lady-killer. Pantech Izar is due to arrive on July 1. IM-A630K Izar will be available in black and white color options. The handset will be distributed via KT mobile operator.

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