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Notion Ink Adam on track; expect a launch before Nov

We did not believe in the rumors of Adam’s Thanksgiving launch because we had faith in Notion Ink. And, they have proved it.

In a blog post, Notion Ink founder Rohan Shravan wrote that there is no base in the November launch rumors and they are simply on track.

Some real tough targets to achieve:

Think about it, if we are doing well, we are talking about at least a business of 100k devices a month. That will amount to at least $350 million dollar of revenues in the first year itself! Where is that investment going to come from? I know most of you know about how these transactions happen on the global scale, that there are bank guarantees, payment cycles etc. but that’s not applicable in the case of a start-up, or is it? — Rohan Shravan

So hold on all you Adam lovers, its coming soon.

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