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HTC Hero Android 2.1 update for India now available

Finally for Indian users, HTC Hero Android 2.1 update is here. HTC Website today posted the details for the update, some of you might have already downloaded and applied it, but those of you still waiting, here is your chance, go ahead and grab it. Enough of wait for Hero owners. While there are less chances that Hero will ever see an official Android 2.2 update, this is the last full Android release for it.

Putting Eclair on Hero comes with several benefits, like able to use Apps designed specifically for phones having Android 2.1 or more. Twitter official app is one example.

So, you will soon receive the update message on you HTC Hero, if you do not get just wait for some time it will arrive. Backup your phone data and install the previous Hero update before installing this one.

Do let us know about your experience in comments after installing 2.1 on your ‘HERO’.

4 thoughts on “HTC Hero Android 2.1 update for India now available

  1. I updated the phone on 25th cool hanh?

    Just change ur date to July 10th on the phone the first update will come through and the phone will restart.

    On restart second update will come through.

    No you do not lose any data or apps. it works!!!

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