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Best Sprint HTC Evo 4G Accessories

As HTC Evo 4G hits the stores today, some of you will buy the device. So, what do you want now, some cool accessories for your brand new Sprint HTC Evo 4G. We have compiled a list of some useful accessories currently available in the market and on Amazon.

Invisible Cell Phone Protector Shield:
Skinomi TechSkin goes beyond traditional screen protectors, skins, covers, and cases. This cell phone protector is made from clear thermoplastic urethane film – the same film used to protect military aircrafts and NASA space shuttles. It has the ability to resist high levels of abrasion, making it the ultimate protector for gadgets and devices. The film “scratch-proofs” your device without adding bulk like traditional cases. Skinomi TechSkin is designed to provide lifetime protection for your device. If the film ever wears or scratches, Skinomi will replace it for free, for as long as you need it for your device. If you ever need to remove the TechSkin, it peels off easily leaving no residues unlike other screen protectors or skins.
Price: $18.99

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Silicone Skin Jelly Case:

The Amzer Jelly Case is made out of 100% premium silicone and is a great, light-weight option for protecting your HTC EVO 4G. The durable silicone absorbs any shock your HTC EVO 4G may receive from any accidental drops or bumps, keeping it just like new. The smooth silicone gives you a sure and lasting grip on your HTC EVO 4G and minimizes sliding on flat surfaces. You have full access to your HTC EVO 4G without removing it from the case. The Jelly Case is truly like a second skin and a must have accessory!

Price: $9.99

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 Wireless Bluetooth Handsfree:

This Bluetooth wireless headset is a simple and stylish headset that fits perfectly in your ear, for ultimate comfort. Its lightweight and elegant, natural color make give it an overall discreet appearance and gives you the complete freedom to talk without ever having to use your hands.

Enjoy the many features of this Bluetooth headset: answer or end a call, redial and use voice dial and even switch the call between the phone and your headset – all with the press of a single button! In addition to its comfort, this headset has advanced technical features that allow the user to it’s signature crystal-clear sound. The Bluetooth Headset is the perfect headset for people who place a high value on both design and functionality in their mobile headsets.

Price: $14.99

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Car Charger:

The HTC EVO 4G Car Charger plugs into your car cigarette lighter outlet, recharging your cell phone while you drive. A car charger is a must have cell phone accessory for commuters and frequent travelers. The HTC EVO 4G Car Charger can be useful when stuck in traffic and expecting an important call or playing music from your HTC EVO 4G through your car speakers. Whether you forgot to plug in at home or just want to conserve battery power when you’re working from the road, this cell phone charger makes sure your HTC EVO 4G cell phone always has as much energy as you do.

Price: $6.30

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Car Vent Holder:

Our New Gomadic Car Vent Mount allows you clear visibility and finger tip access to your device in an attractive streamlined package. The Vent Mount promotes reliability along with style and ease. Our New Gomadic Auto Vent Holder is also the only mount on the market with a lifetime warranty and keeps you in touch on even the longest road trip. Here are just some of the highlights of this holder.

Price: $24.95

Buy Car Vent Holder now.

Memory Card:

The MicroSDHC 8GB memory card offers incredible storage power in the smallest of packages.

Price: $22.99

Buy Memory Card Now.

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