Best Sprint HTC Evo 4G Applications

Just bought your Evo 4G. This Android biggie comes pre-loaded with some of the essential applications like Youtube, Goggles, Buzz, Voice, Qik, Picday and Youtube. But there are several other applications, which you would want to have on your phone. We have put together a list of essential apps, which will make you Android experience better. After you have went through all these applications, you may also want to go though our list of useful Evo 4G accessories.

Adobe Reader: The free app lets you view, zoom and perform other basic interactions with PDF and other documents, directly on your phone.

Fring: This release is just for Evo 4G owners. The free IM and VoIP service has updated its Android app to enable video-chatting, making Fring a pioneer for smart phone communications. There are still bugs to be worked out, but we’re glad to see this type of innovation flourishing around the Android platform.

Advanced Task Killer Free: It’s surprisingly difficult to close an Android app, and after spending a few hours with your Android phone you might find it feels a bit sluggish because so many apps are running quietly in the background and your battery draining quickly. So a task-killing app like this is a must; two clicks, and you’ve released megabytes of memory and freed up oodles of processor power.

DoubleTwist: The app acts as an iTunes program, syncing content between your phone and your computer. DoubleTwist also acts as a media player on your phone, giving you easy access to music, photos and videos.

Sirius XM Radio: The free streaming radio offers 120 stations, with options for viewing what’s playing on other stations while listening to your current one. Set your favorites and load up on music and talk radio, which runs in the background. If you don’t have a subscription, you can try the app free for 7 days.

FilesAnywhere: It is a limited-free Android app offering easy access to all the files on your phone. Helpful for those who share files between their computer and their phone, FilesAnywhere gives you several action options for each file. Fax, email, and organization features are just a few of the options available.

Doodle Jump: It is an Android app that incorporates many highlights of mobile gaming. For $3.99, you get an adventure game with good graphics, a story line that can be picked up or dropped at any time, and a good example of how well games can work on the Android’s touch screen.

LauncherPro is actually a free app, and it transforms your Android home screen into something more customized to your needs. The popular app released a series of updates these past few weeks, adding more multi-touch personalization, new shortcuts for the phone, SMS and contacts (yay!) and some pretty slick animated screen previews.

NYTimes App: NYTimes has extended its mobile presence to Android devices, launching its free news app this week. You can access stories across multiple categories, or skip to breaking news and videos. Share stories you find interesting, bookmark and cache them for offline reading.

AP Mobile: This is a global news Android app, letting you drill down by zip code for relevant news. This free app has a custom home screen based on several available categories and subcategories. From there, you can access headlines, photos and videos with full-article access. Save and share articles, with push notifications available as well.

The Weather Channel’s Android app update is a welcome one. Improved tracking, customized tabs and home screen widgets make it easier to access the information you need from the free app.

Dropbox Anywhere had a widespread launch this week, with apps on multiple smart phones and an API as well. Sync files between your computer and mobile phone, with sharing options, search, and even document-viewing optimization. Considering Google’s acquisition of similar service BumpTap, the time is ripe for Dropbox to venture further into mobile waters.

Twitter continues its mobile takeover with an official Android app, though it’s limited support to Android OS version 2.1 or higher. With the free app, you can do all the basics, with quick links to DMs, @mentions and your profile. Share media directly through the app and access lists. A home screen widget option keeps the tweets coming, without even opening the app.

Easynote: EasyNote makes the list because of its multi-use capabilities. Create shopping lists, track daily tasks, or simply jot down your thoughts. Folders offer organization, while custom options make nearly every aspect of EasyNote able to serve your needs. Any note or list can be turned into a home screen widget, making for even easier access to your content.

ShopSavvy’s free app was one of the first bar code scanners for Android, and is still one of the best. Scan or manually search for an item, and you can find local and Web results, complete with retailer details and price filters to help you get the best deal. A huge time saver, ShopSavvy makes running errands an easier chore.

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3 thoughts on “Best Sprint HTC Evo 4G Applications

  1. Nice! this new HTC EVO 4G looks fantastic!!! i’m really interested in to buy this tool, i think Android is much better than the iOS in my opinion so i think thats the mobile for moi 🙂

  2. Left out of the mix is an App called SlingMedia . With the right hatdware next to your TV at home, you can watch (and record)
    TV anywhere you can get online in the world. Also works on your computer (Windows and MAC). I have been in France for 3 weeks, and have watched 60 min., True Blood, and The Gates all recorded at home but shot to my computer (and HTC EVO) if I wanted.

  3. I am one of these people who puts their entire life on their phone so I received a Centro way back when and loved it- so customizable (color coding things like calendar appointments is a MUST for me) and effortless to use. The Pre came out and I was loving it… but… well… it simply lacked some ‘me’ things. So, when I noticed all that Android could do…. well I was very thrilled. I was blessed to have discovered 1 cell phone left in stock at a Radio Shack 40 miles away last weekend and I’ve already been enjoying and customizing ever since.

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