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HTC Aria Review

After a long wait a decent Android phone is going to hit AT&T, while other networks in United States have all the Android beauties lined up for them. AT&T has been struggling with the not so-good Backflip, there was nothing spectacular about the phone except the strange flip design.

Keeping aside the past, HTC Aria turns out to be a pretty nice phone. Aria is much the like Android on HD Mini, but scores over the latter.

Folks over Engadget today posted a nice review of the device. We will give you a few pointers from that review, while you can head over there and read the full one.

“The Aria is as cute and nimble as it is sexy,”

“Mixed feelings about the button layout beneath the LCD; the optical trackpad works well enough (though we’ll confess to missing the tactility of a trackball), but the capacitive buttons just don’t do it for us.”

“By and large, we were shocked — shocked — by how quickly this phone hummed along. Given that Qualcomm’s 1GHz Snapdragon was nowhere to be found (the Aria is outfitted with a 600MHz MSM 7227 alongside 512MB of ROM and 384MB of RAM), we didn’t expect much on the speed front. ”

“There’s one thing that just grates our nerves to no end: AT&T’s meddling. Sure enough, it’s impossible to sideload apps onto the Aria. ”

“The integrated 5 megapixel autofocus camera is fairly quick to focus and snap, and the image quality certainly isn’t half bad for a “mid-range” phone; the VGA camcorder was also a welcome addition”

“Sure, it’s the first Android phone that’s even halfway respectable on the network, but the harsh reality is that the best Android phones reside on other networks.”

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