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Dell Streak free on contract with O2

Have you been waiting eagerly for this Dell Tablet cum smartphone, here is the final piece of puzzle. Dell Streak would be selling for free, if you buy it with a O2 £25 mobile broadband contract or a £35 voice and unlimited data contract.

The contract free device will be sold for £429. It’s available from June 4th at The Carphone Warehouse.

“The Dell Streak represents the start of a very exciting technological advancement. The move into tablets means we can offer our customers the functionality of laptops combined with the portability of mobile phones, creating an entirely new range of products that will allow our customers to stay connected on the go. As development progresses, we look forward to increasing this range, so customers can be sure they are getting the very latest models on the market,” said Andrew Harrison, UK CEO of The Carphone Warehouse, in a statement.

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