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Samsung is all ready to launch Galaxy S across the world, some of the lucky countries have already got the phone. While Galaxy S comes pre-installed with applications like Layar Reality Browser, Swype, Write & Go, ThinkFree, Aldiko e-book reader, there are a lot more applications in Android Market, which you would love to have on your phone. We have compiled a list of such apps.

App Brain: A shortcut to finding and installing apps is AppBrain. You load the AppBrain app on your phone, go to the AppBrain website and the two talk to each other. It’s not quite the same as installing apps directly from the Market via a web page, but it’s close.

Astro File Manager: One thing the Android OS lacks is a solid way to navigate your SD card to find files, but no worries Astro File Manager is a great free addition to any Android device. The interface is extremely basic, it allows you to explore your SD card, move, rename, delete and back up files while on the go.

Adobe Reader: The free app lets you view, zoom and perform other basic interactions with PDF and other documents, directly on your phone.

Advanced Task Killer Free: It’s surprisingly difficult to close an Android app, and after spending a few hours with your Android phone you might find it feels a bit sluggish because so many apps are running quietly in the background and your battery draining quickly. So a task-killing app like this is a must; two clicks, and you’ve released megabytes of memory and freed up oodles of processor power.

Barcode scanner: Scan barcodes on CDs, books, and other products, then look up prices and reviews, or search for a word in a book and find where it occurs. You can also scan QR Codes containing URLs, contact info, calendar events, etc.

Dropbox Anywhere: Sync files between your computer and mobile phone, with sharing options, search, and even document-viewing optimization. Considering Google’s acquisition of similar service BumpTap, the time is ripe for Dropbox to venture further into mobile waters.

Doodle Jump: Doodle Jump is a puzzle game developed and published by Lima Sky for iPhone OS and Android. It was was released for Android on March 2, 2010.
In Doodle Jump, the aim is to guide a four-legged creature called the Doodler up an unending series of platforms without falling. Players tilt the device from side to side to move Doodler in the desired direction. Players can get a short boost from various objects, such as propeller hats, rockets, springs or trampolines. There are also monsters that the Doodler has to shoot or jump on to eliminate.
For $3.99, you get an adventure game with good graphics, a story line that can be picked up or dropped at any time, and a good example of how well games can work on the Android’s touch screen.

Easynote: EasyNote makes to this list of best apps because of its multi-use capabilities. Create shopping lists, track daily tasks, or simply jot down your thoughts. Folders offer organization, while custom options make nearly every aspect of EasyNote able to serve your needs. Any note or list can be turned into a home screen widget, making for even easier access to your content.

FilesAnywhere: It is a limited-free Android app offering easy access to all the files on your phone. Helpful for those who share files between their computer and their phone, FilesAnywhere gives you several action options for each file. Fax, email, and organization features are just a few of the options available.

LauncherPro: It is actually a free app, and it transforms your Android home screen into something more customized to your needs. The popular app released a series of updates these past few weeks, adding more multi-touch personalization, new shortcuts for the phone, SMS and contacts and some pretty slick animated screen previews.

Meebo is a free chat tool, letting you sign in and communicate with all the major chat clients. More fluid than eBuddy, the Meebo Android app is also tied to your main account, giving you access to saved chats and history from any computer.

Twitter: Official Android app. With the free app, you can do all the basics, with quick links to DMs, @mentions and your profile. Share media directly through the app and access lists. A home screen widget option keeps the tweets coming, without even opening the app.

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