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OHA: A failed frontier

Is it really a disappointment?

That’s a question most of us would be asking. A few days ago we reported via Bloomberg that Open Handset Alliance is showing signs of strain. Now, an article over Moconews is giving more fuel to the growing speculations that OHA is indeed a failure.

Android might be a success, but we have not really much from the list full of OHA partners, apart from odd device launches from manufacturers.

It isn’t only the partners’ fault. but something is not right on Google’s front also. One executive, a former leader at an OHA member company who asked not to be named, described the organization as “oligarchical,” not democratic. “The power is concentrated with the Google employees who manage the open source project,” he lamented.

May be Google just out together a consortium but now its finding it hard to keep it going. May be there is nothing, but there are some voices, lets wait and watch, time will let us know the truth behind all these speculations.

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